FIUGA Video Challenge

We’re creating a movement and hope you will join us! Just like our board members’ videos below, you can create your own short challenge video. It’s easy!

1. Select an activity.
2. Create a short video of yourself in the act.
3. Post your video on social media with the hashtag #FIUGAChallenge include the where people can donate to support your challenge.
4. In your video, be sure to explain why providing urogynecological care in underserved regions of the world and establishing the specialty of urogynecology in places where it doesn’t exist is important to you and worth supporting. All donations support these efforts, so be sure to direct your viewers to where they can donate.
5. In your post, nominate or challenge 1-10 followers by name to follow your lead and create their own challenge video!

Aparna Hegde FIUGA Video Challenge

Amita Jain FIUGA Video Challenge

Ryan Stratford FIUGA Video Challenge

Lynsey Hayward FIUGA Video Challenge